In October 1840, George Ripley announced that he was planning to form a utopian community near Boston, Massachusetts. Ripley believed in the inherent goodness of both people and nature and sought to cultivate an environment wherein women and men would thrive.

Brook Farm, as it would be called, was based on working together for the benefit of the greater community. Like some of the other thinkers of his time, Ripley endeavored to create a reality that reflected lofty values such as harmony, freedom, and humanity. He believed that only through hard work and physical effort, which in itself he considered “uplifting,” could he achieve a union of mind and body, spirit and flesh. 

Community members, who called themselves “Brook Farmers,” believed that they could create a microcosm of the way that life should be. George Ripley’s hope was that their local success would eventually serve as a model for other communities, stating: “If wisely executed, [Brook Farm] will be a light over this country and this age. If not the sunrise, it will be the morning star.”

We have confidence that we can pick up where Ripley left off. Like the Brook Farmers before us, we believe in the power of people working together toward a common cause. We like to think of ourselves as caregivers in the widest sense possible and carefully consider our role in the lives of pets, their parents, and the community. We know that you need to work long and hard in order to make an impact: to us, that means starting small. We do the right thing when it matters most, we try to remember details that others might forget, and we’re always there when you need us – early or late, online or off. 

Farm fresh is sustainable, authentic, and local; it enables us to connect our mission with the way we act toward others in the real world. It’s a constant reminder that our first duty is and forever will be to our clients, their pets, and our community. Farm fresh is where old meets new and where healthy meets affordable; a place where we treat animals like we treat people and where people are welcomed the way they are.