Seek harmony.

The name "Brook Farm" dates back to 1840, when philosopher George Ripley announced that he was planning to form a new kind of community in the Massachusetts countryside.

Brook Farm, as it would be called, was founded on the idea that people were inherently good. Connection with the people, animals, and flora and fauna of the community would bring about our true nature - a state that Ripley described as "harmony." This idea was predicated on the belief that equality, education, and freedom were all necessary for the common good.

Today, Brook Farm Veterinary Center draws upon these same values. We believe that harmony is achieved when animals, people, and the environment are each treated with equal concern.


Brook Farm Veterinary Center acts in the benefit of all living creatures. We deliver excellence in companion animal medicine by aiming for precision in everything we do. We model an inclusive community of people who care, serve, and learn together. We cultivate relationships of service that honor the human-animal bond and acknowledge our interconnectedness. We create opportunities for people and animals who have been denied them or who are otherwise at-risk.


We envision a world in which all living creatures exist in harmony with each other and with the earth. In this community, harmony acts as the creative energy through which we heal, communicate, and build peace.


Brook Farmers are contributors rather than consumers. They consider it a privilege to serve others by building relationships of trust and by fostering a sense of connection and compassion. They embody our values of empathy, example, and precision. Brook Farmers are diligent, hard-working and creative, all of which are conditions of the harmony we seek.