Meet Our Family

Brook Farmers never stop learning. Each year, every member of the team participates in Continuing Education to further their knowledge of the veterinary field. This includes taking graduate-level classes, attending industry conferences, and participating in roundtable discussions about a wide range of topics.

From practicing better medicine to building a more inclusive and sustainable workplace, Brook Farmers are always learning something new.

Medical Director

Dr. Evan Kanouse DVM

After spending numerous years as an emergency veterinarian throughout the Greater New York City area, Dr. Evan Kanouse founded Brook Farm Veterinary Center in 1982. Together with his partner Dr. Alan Schoen, a world-renowned author and lecturer in veterinary acupuncture and natural therapies, Dr. Kanouse began accepting clients, changing the paradigm and elevating expectations for veterinary care in the Hudson Valley.

Today, Dr. Kanouse co-owns Brook Farm with his wife, Pat, and son, Evan, both of whom work at the practice (Dr. Schoen would later leave to teach at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and author several books on integrative veterinary medicine). As the Medical Director, Dr. Kanouse works with clients to develop health care plans that are appropriate for their pet’s lifestyle and within their budget.

Dr. Kanouse enjoys being involved in the community and forming relationships with other local businesses; you can often hear him talking about his visits to Green Chimneys Pre-School, the Patterson Library, and the Putnam Humane Society, to name a few. Dr. Kanouse is the past-president of the Hudson Valley Veterinary Medical Society, a Boy Scout Leader, and a regular lecturer at local community groups. He has been featured in local newspapers such as the Poughkeepsie Journal, The Putnam County News and Recorder, The Putnam County Courier, and The Examiner, and on the radio on 100.7FM WHUD, Pawling Public Radio, and Hudson Valley Talk Radio.

Dr. Kanouse is passionate about environmental conservation, animal rights, and community health and wellness. At home, Dr. Kanouse is an amateur woodworker and enjoys reading, hiking, and kayaking.

Finance Director

Patricia Kanouse

Pat has worked as an administrator at Brook Farm since the mid-1980’s, joining the practice shortly after it was founded in 1982. Today, Pat manages finances and controls hospital inventory.

Pat enjoys interfacing with different distributors to help make veterinary care affordable for our clients. At home, she is passionate about the conservation efforts surrounding the protection and restoration of the Hudson River. A Hudson Valley native, Pat enjoys hiking and exploring the small towns that our region of New York is known for.

Hospital Director

Evan Kanouse III

As the Hospital Director since early 2010, Evan holds the practice accountable to its mission by working alongside other Brook Farmers and by helping us maintain compliance with various professional organizations. Evan also leads a number of practice initiatives focused on community engagement, practice transparency, and sustainability.

Evan has lectured at the State University of New York at Delhi, where he has taught internship skills to first and second year Veterinary Technology students. He is also a local educator and is passionate about working with youth (our Veterinary Summer Camp program was his brainchild.)

As a vegetarian, Evan is passionate about the fair treatment of both animals and people; he is interested in animal welfare, civil rights, and education. Evan sits on the board of numerous nonprofits and enjoys volunteering in his free time. At home, Evan is an avid hiker and reader.

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Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Katie Clark DVM

Dr. Katie Clark has been Associate Veterinarian at Brook Farm since March of 2013. You’re likely to meet Dr. Clark if you are a night owl or have been faced with an unexpected emergency as she directs our Urgent Care Division. She is known for her calm, empathic demeanor and for soothing the nerves of even the most distraught pet parents.

When asked about her work ethic, Dr. Clark’s colleagues described her as “truly passionate.” She is known for taking her time to ensure that clients understand all of the intracies involved in proper pet care, especially when pets are suffering from vague or complex conditions. Like other Brook Farmers, Dr. Clark is dedicated to improving animal rights, rescue, and well-being, and volunteers her time regularly throughout the Lower Hudson Valley.

Dr. Clark is personally passionate about music, traveling, and “loving [her] wonderful dogs.”

Operations Director

Rebecca Talbot

Rebecca loves knowing that she gets to work closely with each and every animal and truly get to know them. From being able to comfort them when they are nervous to playing with them when they need some exercise, the fact that she’s making a difference and lending a hand gives Becca great joy. As Operations Director, Becca oversees the entire practice and works with vendors to ensure that each department is properly stocked. She also participates in periodic assessments of our suppliers in order to ensure that they meet strict standards in terms of environmental and social impact.

When she’s not at Brook Farm, Becca enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys hiking, crafts, and playing board games.

Client Relations Director

Amber Schnorr

One of the many things that attracts Amber to Brook Farm is the family atmosphere. Amber began her career in veterinary medicine as a Client Advocate with us in August 2010. In 2011, she became our Director of Client Advocacy, ensuring that each client receiving the quality of care and service that they deserved. After taking time to care for her daughter, Scarlet, she returned to the practice as a Medical Auditor. After stepping up to assist our clients during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Amber became our Director of Client Relations. Amber reviews each and every account to make sure that we are living up to the high standards of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Amber enjoys spending time with her daughter, son and husband, Zach outside of work; it doesn’t matter what they’re doing, as long as they’re together! She has two cats, Al and Lou, and a dog, Phil.

Executive Assistant

Nikki-Louise Del Vecchio

As the Executive Assistant to the Hospital Director, Nikki works with Evan to identify opportunities to support our community. Whether she’s organizing an upcoming event or assisting the Urgent Care team during a particularly active night, Nikki is always up for lending a hand. Nikki also coordinates our Public Relations by working with Evan to raise awareness about the importance of pet wellness, sustainability, and community involvement in the Hudson Valley.

Operations Assistant

Emma Dickinson

Emma joined Brook Farm full of energy and positivity. She is always ready to learn and lend a helping hand. Her passion for animals helps her strive to be the best she can be.

In her spare time you can find Emma hanging out with her boyfriend and playing with his dog or enjoying time with her friends and family.

Medical Auditor

Kristen Stica

Kristen reviews each and every account to make sure that we are living up to the high standards of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Along with working at Brook Farm as a Medical Auditor, Kristen is also a Registered Nurse. She has two daughters and spends most of my free time with them. She enjoys watching sports, going to the movies, camping in the Adirondacks, hiking, swimming, exercising and cooking.

Veterinary Technician

Emily Braddock LVT

Emily, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, has been a Farmer since mid-2013. Emily started with Brook Farm as an Animal Care Assistant, and worked her way up into a Technician position as she made her way through tech school. As a child, Emily always knew she wanted to work with animals; in fact, she says that is what she most enjoys about her job. Coming to work and interacting directly with animals in need is the highlight of Emily’s week.

Although Emily has attained her veterinary technician license, she is not looking to slow down her quest for knowledge. Emily is looking to get her Veterinary Technical Specialty in small companion animal care so that she can better help the Veterinarians at Brook Farm and better care for the patients and clients she meets here at the Center.

When Emily isn’t at work, she looks to spend as much time as she can with her friends and family, and, of course, her pup Rocky. Rocky is a terrier mix, and full of energy and spirit; he certainly keeps Emily active! Together, Emily and Rocky do what they can to draw attention to causes that promote positive animal rights groups. Emily is very passionate about the care that every animal receives during its lifetime; big or small, they should be treated with dignity and respect.

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Courtney Einecker

Courtney joined Brook Farm as an Animal Care Assistant while working her way studying to become a technician.
Courtney is loving and devoted with each and everyone of our patients, and always has the right words and the patience to listen and explain all the information our clients need. She has a strong passion for animal care and it only takes a minute around her to know that her compassion for all type of animals makes her go above and beyond, every single time.
Whenever Courtney is not working hard with us, she is either studying to finish her studies or enjoying some relax time outdoors or reading a book at home while cuddling her cat.

Patient Care Coordinator

Amanda Carpentieri

Amanda is the proud leader of our one-person “West Coast office” as a remote team member. Though Amanda currently lives in California, she’s a New York native. After moving to Hermosa Beach, California, Amanda became a Veterinary Technician, where she continued to work with animals and follow her passion for veterinary medicine. She has volunteered at many animal shelters, including Pet Rescue in Harrison, NY, the SPCA of Westchester, NY and the Cat Cafe Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. As a Patient Care Coordinator, Amanda ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service while coordinating the care that their pets need.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her cat, Porsche, and going to the beach.

Lodge Manager

Cathy Cook

Cathy has been a Lodge Attendant at Brook Farm since 2003, and if there’s one thing that Cathy absolutely loves about her job, it’s the animals. Despite the fact that the lodge has over a thousand guests throughout the year, she remembers their names, dietary habits, and even what toys they like! As a Lodge Attendant, Cathy is responsible for the general care and well-being of our guests; her big smile and warm embrace will be sure to calm the nerves of the occasional nervous pet parent or first time pet owner.

Cathy is passionate about stopping illegal game hunting and supporting organizations that work against animal cruelty. In her free time, Cathy enjoys cooking and playing with her two pets – Jackie, a Boston Terrier, and Charlie, an orange Tabby.

Lodge Attendant

Caitlin Fanning

Even when Caitlin isn’t at Brook Farm, where she works as a Lodge Attendant, she is never quite short of animals. Be it her boxer Tucker, or her cats, Zeus and Luna, Caitlin is passionate about the care she provides for her pets, and that is what brought her to Brook Farm in 2014.

Being a pet-owner herself, Caitlin knows that the care she provides to the animals staying at the Lodge at Brook Farm is critical to their well-being while they are away from home. Apart from health and safety though, Caitlin is careful to show each pet staying with us the tenderness she would show her own, so as to make them feel at home and at ease. Caitlin follows the actions of many anti-animal cruelty organizations, and is always looking to further her knowledge on how she can better the experiences of the cats and dogs that stay with us.

When not tending to her wards here at the Farm, Caitlin takes trips into New York City to frequent the various plays of Broadway. Although she had no problem stating that theLion King is her favorite of the Disney plays (of which she has seen them all), she stands firm that Rent is her all time favorite show, and one that she has seen again and again.


A career at Brook Farm Veterinary Center provides young professionals - as well as those new to the veterinary field - with the essential competencies needed to be successful in veterinary medicine. Most of these staff members will leave to gain additional experience or continue their education in the field, with some returning for our well-established internship program. We are proud to provide the support and foundation necessary for those taking their first steps in their career.